Practice areas

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

We partner with our clients to manage risk and to avoid litigation wherever possible. When litigation is unavoidable, CR Naidu & Co focuses on the commercial objectives of clients, while assessing legal, commercial and reputational risk. We analyse the negotiating weaknesses of opponents and devise optimum procedural tactics or creative settlement approaches. 

Our lawyers settle disputes in the most appropriate manner, Whether by expert mediation, adjudication or determination.  

We advise our clients on the pros and cons of using arbitration, the different geographical options available and the options for tailoring arbitration clauses to the needs of different contracts, parties, geographies and legal systems.  A particular strength is our multi-jurisdictional presence, which means we possess the resources and cultural sensitivity to conduct global investigations and to harmonise the reaction to regulatory investigation in numerous jurisdictions.  

Drawing on the expertise of litigation and arbitration lawyers , our insights into relevant cultural differences allows us to seamlessly handle large, complex cross-border cases. We focus on the essentials with a view to achieving success whether through settlement or a fight as soon as possible and as cost effectively as possible.  

Recognising the pressures facing in-house teams to effectively manage their legal spend, we have developed a multi-faceted approach to effect matters efficiently.

Corporate & Commercial Laws 

Our roster of lawyers are specialists in all Aspects of Commercial Law

The areas in which our commercial lawyers are able to assist include ( but not limited to) :

  • Terms of Trade 

  • Credit Application Forms

  • Licencing Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Supply Agreements

  • Procurement Contracts

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Management Agreements

  • Equipment Leases

  • Contracts for Services

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Restraints of Trade

  • Independent Contractor Contracts

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Construction Contracts 

  • Commercial Leases

  • Sale & Purchase Agreements

Industrial and Labour Laws

Industrial Law relates to the laws governing industrial enterprises. These can include a wide range of legal topics, from employment laws to environmental concerns, contracts, industrial relations, and worker safety regulations. Industries vary widely and the policies for each is as unique as the business to which it relates. 

Employment and labor laws are relevant to any commercial enterprise, and industry is no exception. Indeed, industrialization led not only to the modern conveniences of our technological age, but also the rise of organized labor unions. Employment and labor issues in industrial enterprises are particularly important, given the often hazardous nature of the work.

As with any business, there are numerous other areas of legal concern for those in the Industrial sector. These can include contracts, real estate questions, shipping and distribution, environmental concerns, and many others.

Contact are team of experts if you need legal advise in any of the above sectors.

Consumer Protection and Affairs

As a consumer of various goods and services all consumers are granted rights which protect them against malicious business practices. As such, there are various laws in place which regulate affairs concerning consumers all serve to protect consumers from a variety of unfair corporate actions such as fraud and deception. If you feel that you have been the victim of an act that violated your consumer rights, an experienced consumer protection lawyer can help uphold your rights.

Consumer Protection Lawyers cover a wide variety of areas including:

  • Consumer Fraud

  • Product Liability

  • Privacy Rights

  • Warranties

  • Misrepresentation

  • Deceptive Business Practices


Based on the nature of the dispute, the experience level of the attorney / lawyer Is helpful in determining in the clients case, if enough evidence exists to file a lawsuit or, in the defendant’s case, what evidence exists to defend a potential suit.

As Litigation attorneys we often engage in pre-litigation settlement discussions to resolve the matter before a lawsuit is filed.

Our Litigation attorneys draft a variety of pleadings and motions on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant. Plaintiff attorneys will draft a summons and complaint to commence the lawsuit. As Defense attorneys collaborate with the client to investigate the allegations of the lawsuit and formulate responses. Our Litigation attorneys also draft a variety of motions including motions to strike, dismiss, amend or change venue and motions for judgment on the pleadings.

Our Litigation attorneys also draft and argue discovery-related motions including motions to compel, protective orders and summary judgment motions. The discovery process helps litigators gain relevant information, identify issues and formulate a case strategy. In the weeks before trial, litigation attorneys wrap up discovery and prepare for trial. In the pre-trial stage, litigators consult with and advise clients; retain expert witnesses; attend pre-trial conferences and develop a trial strategy based on the facts and evidence.

Litigation attorneys also conduct pre-trial depositions of experts and key witnesses, prepare demonstrative to be used as trial exhibits, and draft and argue pre-trial motions. The majority of lawsuits filed in civil court are settled prior to trial. In cases that proceed to trial, Our litigation attorneys are busy around the clock presenting their case before the judge or preparing for the next day in court.

In the trial stage of the litigation, Our litigators collaborate with experts and clients to craft a trial theme, identify strengths and weaknesses in a case; develop persuasive arguments; prepare witnesses for testimony and draft and argue trial motions. At trial, Our litigation attorneys conduct voir dire, select a jury and present their case in court. Litigation attorneys present opening and closing statements, examine and cross-examine witnesses and craft a persuasive story for the fact-finder (judge) through testimony and evidence.

Most cases never reach trial but instead are settled in order to eliminate the risk and expense of the trial. Our Litigation attorneys can help settle a case at any time during the life cycle of the litigation. At settlement, litigators engage in negotiations with opposing parties; participate in mediations and settlement conferences with the parties and the judge; and create settlement brochures, agreements, releases and other settlement materials.

If for various reasons our litigation attorney does not obtain a favorable outcome at trial, he or she may appeal the case. Litigators draft post-trial motions; identify and preserve issues for appeal; develop appellate strategies; gather evidence for the appellate record; research procedural issues; draft appellate documents; and present oral arguments before appellate courts. If the case is particularly significant or complex, our litigators retain the assistance of attorneys who specialize in appellate practice.

Education Law

An education lawyer often works for non-profit organizations, the government, or private public interest firms and may specialize in the following areas:

  • Student safety and discipline
  • Civil rights
  • Education reform
  • School governance (such as employment or student records)
  • Special education

Property Law

We specialize in resolving problems that include illegal possession, ancestral property settlement, builder delay in possession, property disputes among family, real estate disputes under RERA act.